Rice or Chapatis with 3 veg curry    £5.45
Rice or Chapatis with 1 meat and 2 veg curries   £5.95
Rice or Chapatis with 2 meat and 1 veg curry   £6.45
Rice or Chapatis with 3 meat curries              £6.95

All thalis are served with house salad and fresh chutneys




Roti wrap   
(Delicious Indian flat bread with a choice of curry filling)   
Meat Roti wrap   £3.45
Vegetarian Roti wrap   £2.95


Snacks (sample of the type of snacks available)  
Single Vegetable Snack       £0.70
Single Meat Snack       £0.80
Patra (4)  

(Fried patra leaves stuffed with a light chickpea spice paste)

Kachori (4)  

(Delicately spiced peas in a crispy battered coating)

Vaada (4)  

(Spicy potato in a crisp gram flour coating) 

Samosas – meat (4)              £3.00
Samosas – vegetarian (4)           £2.50
Bhajyas – a type of mixed vegetable pakora (6)   £2.50
Chicken pops (4)   £3.00

(Lightly spiced chicken coated in breadcrumbs)

Tasting Snack Thali   £5.50

(Two of each snack, great for sharing)


All snacks served with house salad and fresh chutneys



Chips £1.00
Rice   £1.50

Pappadam (2)           

Chapati            £0.50



Kids menu

Nani Thali £3.50

(1 curry, 2 sides, 1 chicken pop and fruit)





Made by the wonderful Lushbrownies £2.00

(have up to 3 different flavours available)





Selection of chai, tea and coffees (americano/lattes/cappuchinos etc)

plus a variety of soft drinks, lager and wine  


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